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Acquire Exclusive Access to the most in-depth training available anywhere in the world to educate you to increase your presentation skills and elevate your income

✔ Learn the Advanced Secrets of Presenting and Influencing

✔ Connect and Engage Your Audience Effectively

✔ Establish Yourself as an Authority Figure

✔ Build a Business Around Your Skill and Life

✔ Share Your Story & Message as a Guest Speaker or Event Host

✔ Gain the Blueprints to Financial Freedom

Gain a Skillset That You Can Use to Live Life on Your Own Terms


As an Elite Presenter, you are given the most comprehensive, in-depth training and certification, which you can use to open doors, acquire, and create newfound opportunities wherever you go.


The Elite Presenter Academy helps members develop elite skills that have a direct impact on income and personal growth.


The Elite Presenter Academy community is the only program to provide industry leading content, support, training, and the opportunity to connect with top-achieving individuals within the community.


The goal of the Elite Presenter Academy is to provide students and alumni with the resources to open doors to new opportunities and allow them to attain their goals in Finance, Family, and Freedom.


The Elite Presenter Academy Certification Program

  • Learn & Progress at an Accelerated Pace
  • Gain Knowledge & Understanding of Elite Presenting
  • Practice & Interact with an Engaging Community
  • Receive Support & Advice Every Step of the Way
  • Spread Your Message & Influence 
  • Acquire the Tools & Resources Needed to Succeed

Take the World by Storm as a Certified Elite Presenter!


Learn Fully Online, in Just 7 Weeks or at Your Own Pace

  • Have a personal trainer who will take you through the program step-by-step.
  • Reinforce your knowledge using homework assignments, quizzes, and assessments each step of the way
  • Access support, wherever you need it by both phone and email
  • Communicate & Collaborate with the Elite Presenter Academy Community
The Elite Presenter Academy is a Lifetime Partnership, where you will grow, acquire opportunities, and impact the world.

Featured Live Presentations in Program

Les Brown

World's #1 Motivational Speaker

Eric Stoller

President of the Les Brown Insitute

Loral Langemeier

CEO & Founder of Live Out Loud, Inc

Michael Tracy

Sales Leader, Speaker, Trainer, & Consultant

Live In-Person Event

Included in your Tuition: You Plus One Guest, Join us LIVE, once a year at the Exclusive Elite Presenter Academy in-person event, where you will be able to meet with fellow members and connect with high-level individuals. This is a networking event, additional training event and the day you receive your Elite Presenter Pin. 

Training Schedule:

  • Nov 8-9 2019 
  • Jun 12-13 2020
  • Mar 26-27 2021



Online Training - Structured Into 7 Intensive Weeks

Mental Reboot

• Theatre of Mind
• History Recall
• Building Your Speech

Learn More
The Elite Presenter's Disposition

• Stage Presence
• Interacting with the Audience
• Keeping Their Attention
• Stories & Points
• Feedback

Learn More
Power & Versatility

• Transitioning from Point to Point
• Creating a Clear Summary
• Tailoring Your Message to the Audience

Learn More
Unbounded Potential

• Body Language
• Presenting with Confidence
• How Speakers Make Money

Learn More
Authority Imprint

• Social Media & Personal Branding
• How to Write a Book
• How to Build a Profitable Digital Product

Learn More
Elite Presenting Possibilities

• Sales Training
• Hosting Your Own Events
• Joint Ventures & Collaborations
• Earned Income Streams - Create Product Offers

Learn More
Take Massive Action!

• $150k Earned Income Challenge
• $100k Passive Income Blueprint

Learn More
How to Succeed as an Elite Presenter

Learn More
Mystery Bonus (Value - $1,000,000)

Learn More

The Elite Presenter Academy is Perfect for You if...

  • You’ve been working your whole life but feel stuck – stuck with your income, your progress, your time…
  • You’re in a transition in your career and want clarity and processes to support you
  • You’re stuck trying to figure out how to advance in your career and business and how to advance to the next level
  • You have an amazing message that you want to share with the world but don’t know how
  • You’ve spent thousands of dollars on various things in hope of success but still aren’t where you want to be
  • You’re already getting out there presenting and building your business, but you haven’t been able to get things moving and monetizing
  • You’re frustrated and tired of working long hours with little to show and feel disconnected from family and friends…
  • You’re ready to finally take your freedom and fulfillment to the next level and be happy with your family and finance!

You deserve...

Clarity & Focus in what you're doing

Fulfillment & Love in your career

Freedom & Time in your life

Ease & Momentum in your processes

The Power of Communication & Influence

To Make Money Impacting Lives

To Breakthrough your Limits & Close more Sales

To Stop wasting time & Focus on what Truly Matters in your life


A Speaker uses only words to influence, while an Elite Presenter commands the stage by utilizing everything at his or her disposal, whether it be body language, gestures, visual aids, the environment, or the very audience themselves, to communicate, persuade, and ultimately impact lives in a lasting and effective manner.

High-level Elite Presenters are able to connect with a large audience, impact lives, and generate large amounts of income doing what they love.


Transform Your Presentation, Transform Your Life

Have the advantage when presenting to:

  • Clients
  • Investors
  • Board of Directors
  • Shareholders
  • & More...

In Just 7-Weeks, Gain a Skillset That You Can Use to Leave Your 9-5 Behind & Live Life on Your Own Terms...

An Elite Skill That You Can Take Your Life To The Next Level: You will be taught a skill and given blueprints that you can use to potentially make a great living from anywhere in the world as an Elite Presenter.

Live Life On Your Own Terms: As an Elite Presenter, you can find your footing when dropped anywhere in the world. You'll gain the skill to communicate, present & influence as an authority figure. High-level Elite Presenters are able to connect with a large audience, impact lives, and generate large amounts of income doing what they love. 

Join An Exclusive Group: Build intimate relationships as you learn the in's and out's of speaking and presenting. You will be given opportunities to establish connections with influential individuals and stand on the same stage, shoulder-to-shoulder with multi-millionaire presenters.

Elite Presenters come from all shapes and sizes, all different types of backgrounds:

  • Public Speakers
  • Salesmen
  • Authors
  • Realtors
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Top-Level Executives
  • & More...

Get Access to Exclusive Industry Secrets

  • Set & Accomplish Goals Quickly
  • Build & Communicate Your Story & Message With Precision
  • Dominate Your Stage With Confidence
  • Keep Your Audience Engaged
  • Capture & Control Your Environment Using Tonality 
  • Amaze With Engaging Storytelling 
  • Influence With Emotion
  • Enhance Your Presentation With Intricate Body Language
  • Share Your Wisdom With The Masses
  • Explore The Avenues Of Public Speaking & Hosting Events
  • Create A Powerful Brand
  • Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Field
  • Breath Life Into A Profitable Idea
  • Gain An Edge In Selling
  • Close Deals & Collaborate With Heavy Hitters For Your Business
  • Establish & Profit From Your Own Community
  • Implement Strategies & Blueprints To Financial Freedom

Become connected to influential individuals and obtain rare, hard-to-come-by opportunities.

WEEK 1: Mental Reboot - Reprogramming Your Mind For Success

How does an Elite Presenter think? Right away, we are going to go over how you can change your mindset to that of an Elite Presenter, so that you can get out there and dominate whichever stage of your choosing.

What can you use to make the most impact? Pull from your mind the most effective story and experiences that you can use to influence your audience.

We will work together to structure and outline your speech to deliver your message precisely and strategically. 

WEEK 2: The Elite Presenter's Disposition - How To Dominate The Stage & Influence The Audience

How can you own and dominate the stage? You will learn how to move, how to expand your presence, and how to impress your audience, confidently and with a purpose.

Sometimes, it's hard to connect with other people. We will go over how you can get your audience engaged with you and get them involved in the very speech you are making on stage.

Have you ever nodded off during a lecture? We will address the crux that most speakers have a problem with and implement ways to keep the audience's attention.

When used correctly, we can use stories to effectively crash and shift the mind. We will go over delivering the right story to make your presentation maximize effectiveness. 

WEEK 3: Power & Versatility - Shifting To Opportunities

Past, present, future, evil, good, chaotic, neutral, lawful... We will go over how to transition from one point in your message to another and bounce back and forth without confusing the audience.

They will never forget you. We will go over how you can ingrain the moral of your story and your message into the mind of your audience.

Finally, you wouldn't give the same, exact speech that you would tell to the board of directors to a third-grade class, would you? We'll go over how you can effectively and efficiently tell the same story to different audiences, while maximizing impact.

WEEK 4: Unbounded Potential - The Power Of An Elite Presenter

In a presentation, your voice may be the gunpowder, but your body is the barrel. We'll go over where you can point the barrel to most effectively influence the audience to your favor.

A speech can be greatly amplified by how you present yourself. Your beliefs can greatly alter the effects of your message. Impacting the external begins with the internal, and we will go over how you can amplify your impact.

How can you make money & have a career solely as a speaker? We will go in depth over the many ways speakers can produce income.

WEEK 5: Authority Imprint - Set Yourself Apart From The Rest

Just because you are on stage, does not mean everyone knows who you are. We'll review how you can gain more exposure and influence your audience even before you take the stage.

Position your authority by establishing yourself, imprint your ideology, & leave behind a legacy that will ingrain your image in the hearts of others.

We'll also focus on how you can turn a profitable idea into reality & monetize your idea using a proven structure.

WEEK 6: Elite Presenting Possibilities - How You Can Build Your Kingdom

Don't want to stand on other people's stages? This week, we will explore the multiple avenues that you can explore in hosting your own events, selling tickets, and filling up seats.

Now that you have your own business as a speaker and have a system toward holding your own events, we will go over how you can collaborate with other speakers and event planners to take your business to the next level.

As people are coming to see you, whether at your stage or someone else's stage, we will prepare you to have more value to offer your audience.

WEEK 7: Take Massive Action! - "You Don't Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great" 

Graduation week is what everybody looks forward to the most. This is where we challenge our students to make money.

We challenge you to make at least $150,000, using our proven methods.

It doesn't stop at the challenge. We will provide our graduates with our strategies on how you can make $100,000 in passive income per year. 

Ultimately, this is the week where we set you up to properly take the world by storm as an Elite Presenter.

For a Limited Time Only, If You Decide that the Elite Presenter Academy Is Right for You, You Will Receive:
BONUS #1: How to Succeed as an Elite Presenter

As an Elite Presenter, you will need to know the in's and out's of what to do and what not to do. We will teach you how to avoid the trenches that many who have come before you have fallen into. 

BONUS #2: Mystery Bonus (Value - $1,000,000)

We will show you the secrets to how top-performing Elite Presenters make over a million dollars a year and rise above the average. 


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