Who is Andy Audate?

Andy Audate is a published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating. Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneurship, forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes. This path has not only allowed him to change his circumstances but allowed him to effectively communicate the desire to be great to others. He Helps Entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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Mr. Audate is an influential speaker. Catering motivational messages, business strategies, and personal growth techniques to 105,600+ people throughout the world.

Speaker Trainer

Mr. Audate is the man behind the Elite Presenter Academy. The #1 Platform for Year 0-2 Speakers and Presenters. Mr. Audate has trained 1063+ students on all major platforms in the last 3 years.

Interview Host

Andy is the Host of the Progression Show. A Youtube Video Series showing how the successful came from Rags to Success in the time frame it took them and what they all have in common to give viewers an opportunity to duplicate.

Andy's Mentors and Friends

Andy & Les Brown

Les Brown is a direct mentor for Andy Audate. Les has supported Andy in the beginning of his career.

Andy & Grant Cardone

This Photo was taken shortly after they had dinner at Flemings in Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Andy & Tony Robbins

Here is a photo of Andy and Tony Robbins right after Andy came off stage at the Progression Conference 2018. Tony made an appearance.

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More About Andy...

Born in Boston from two Haitian immigrants, at seven years old I moved to Rhode Island. My youth education took place in the local Catholic elementary and middle schools in my town. During my early teenage years, I wanted “things.” Those things consisted of clothes, disposable money for fun, electronics and other unnecessary objects. My parents gave me the necessity (food, water, shelter) but I wanted more, so I applied and got a job. Work life started at the local fast-food restaurant, Wendy’s. This time, I am a full-time student-athlete playing on the basketball team and working full time.

The money I was making in 40 hours was enough to match my needs but not enough to match my wants. There had to be a way to make more money, the minimum wage wasn’t cutting it. This turned out to make me a hungry entrepreneur. It started with a small online business, where I bought and sold products from the web and resold it on eBay.  After eBay and a couple different job opportunities, I found myself working full time at a small cell phone store. At this cell phone store is where I got my start at understanding the ins-and-outs of a small business.

The sales training was vigorous and we had to sell, sell, sell! I ranked up from sales representative to assistant manager to General Store Manager very quickly. I passed employees that were much older than me; more experienced than me and spent more time in that company than I did. I realized I had to own a business and not work for anyone else. I started a cell phone dealership with mid to high-end devices catering to the middle class. Also a Motivational Speaker, Andy lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the author of No More Average.


You have a story, you have a voice, and you must use your story and voice to make an impact.

You recall the time when things weren’t going your way, money was tight, you felt the world was against you and you just hit rock bottom.

It has been determined by E.P. Academy that 84% of personal development content consumers are seeking for additional speakers and motivators.

Remember those challenging times that you went through and you overcame. Did you ever think that the story would motivate someone else? You can share your challenges, trials, tribulations and how you overcame to motivate, inspire and teach others to prosper.

Andy Audate is a speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur that gives the opportunity to people to share their story and make a significant impact. Andy started his journey working as a manager at a MetroPCS store when one day, someone believed in him and suggested he start his own cell phone business. At that point, Andy had limiting beliefs, but by one man telling him that he can do it; Andy opened his own store, Andy’s life would then forever change.

When Andy opened his first cell phone store, he had already been working in that industry for 13 months. With the knowledge he had gained and the decision to entertain the thought of him actually being successful, his first store broke the six figure mark in only five and a half months! Over the next year and a half, Andy would open three more stores, generate millions and hire thirty-two people. With all this Success, he realized right before he made a decision to go all-in, he had limiting beliefs that being black, overweight, from the hood and being a college dropout could make him fail; despite the limiting beliefs, he took action. Andy worked his way to having a business where dozens of people relied on the business for their main source of income and thousands of customers are being served.

Now Andy also works with speakers that want to make an impact in the world beyond just money. Andy had the vision of one day speaking alongside the great motivational speaker, Les Brown, he thought it was just a dream.

One day he got home from running a mile to find a targeted facebook ad about speaking, taking this sign as serendipity he filled out his info on a he site and received a call from a sales person to join the Les Brown Institute, a former speaker training program. After overcoming fear, questioning worthiness, and experiencing limiting beliefs he still made an investment to join the institute. With this investment that he decided to make, he flew out to Miami, FL to meet the people at the Institute.

After acquainting himself with the Institute staff, as Andy was walking out of the office, Les Brown himself walked in the door. He took a look at Andy, stopped him, and said:
“Young man, you look just like me when I was younger.”
To which Andy responded in awe,
“Les! Your voice sounds just like Youtube.”

After Les passed him, Andy decided to stay, that's when he heard Les and the President of the company meeting about an upcoming speaker tour. Andy quickly walked back into the President's office and asked for the opportunity to go on tour with Les. Andy would ask six more times throughout weeks for the opportunity to go on tour, every time he received a NO, until the seventh time. Because Andy showed up and showed up powerfully he got the opportunity to go on tour with Les Brown and the Institute.

Since this tour, years ago, Les Brown has been a friend and mentor to Andy. Now Andy uses the knowledge he learned about speaking and hosting events to help entrepreneurs get on stages, and make an impact with their story as well as an income. This year, he is even going as far as giving others the opportunity he received years ago.

Andy is taking twenty-one people he’ll train on a speaking tour with him between August 2019 to April 2020. He is currently searching for the students that have the desire to share their story, be a speaker and make a significant income while making an impact.

While coaching so many people on how to show up with confidence and share their story, Andy has found three things that will help you make the impact you desire.

The first is to find a mentor! You have heard it a million times, but a mentor is still the number one thing you can do to find your path without making the mistakes that were made before you. They have succeeded more than you have tried and in their years of experience, they have the knowledge to give to you that will speed up your progress.

The second thing you can do is Show Up! Take a chance on yourself. If Andy didn’t show up to the office, he would’ve never gotten the chance to tour the US with Les Brown. Imagine what showing up for yourself can do in your life. Andy had a vision, a dream of speaking on stage, and through taking a chance on himself, Andy made his dream a reality.

The third thing you can do to make a massive impact is to be your authentic self. With the right training from your mentor and the ability to show up as yourself there is nothing you can’t do!

Speaking on stage is something that many struggle with. Whether it be stage fright, crafting your story, confidence, making an income, or getting on stages; the idea can be so overwhelming. This is why Andy is taking 21 people on tour with him so they can have the opportunity to overcome the struggles.

Now is your time to shine! If you want to be one of the 21 individuals to go on tour, if you want to learn how to craft your speech to make more impact, and make more sales, all you have to do is reach out to Andy (@andyaudate)! Now is the time for action, and now is your time to use your voice! Don’t let fear or limiting beliefs stand in your way. Most importantly show up, and show up powerfully for yourself and the people who you are going to speaking to when you’re on stage.

The more you learn to show up as yourself, and the more you learn to use your authentic voice on stage, the more impact you can make in the world!


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