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You can't succeed at higher levels without new strategies and mentorship.

This Monthly Program is designed for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Sales Professionals, Speakers, Authors, and Coaches that desire to create extraordinary results in their life.

These individuals are searching for strategies to implement that will increase their income, increase their influence, and grow their impact.

As a Progression Monthly Member you'll receive

  • Live Video Conference Call 1x/mo with Andy and his guest experts (Value: $497/mo)
    • Andy is going to do monthly 90-minute LIVE group coaching calls. Never offered before, this exclusive experience features Andy guiding You through his Progression Strategy and conducting live coaching with participants to implement business and personal growth strategy. These are unscripted sessions with the Master Coach himself. Also, Andy will bring in his guest experts such as Les Brown, Eric Stoller, Multi-Million Dollar Earners, CEOs and more share their strategies.
    Exclusive Progressive Video Content 2x/Mo (Value: $197/mo)
    • You will receive new never-seen-before trainings in your membership account twice per month on topics including How to Write a Book,Time Management, Goal Setting, Speaker Training, Leadership Training, Sales Training, and more
  • Income Growth Content Delivered to Inbox Monthly (Value: $97/mo)
    • You will receive exclusive Videos, Online Programs, and E-mails delivered to your inbox monthly designed to grow income by a minimum of $75k/year
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Community with peers
    • You will receive access to a Private online community with other Progression Monthly members from all over the world to connect and collaborate with. Members connect online in this group first, cultivate a life-long relationship and meet in person at Progression Conference.
  • (1) VIP Ticket to Progression Conference (Value: $997)
    • You will receive exclusive access to the Progression Conference and will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other members and other attendees. Learn from subject-matter experts that have designed a curriculum specifically for the Progression Conference to progress in business and in life.

Andy takes you on a deep-dive into:

  • Self Leadership Training: How do you design a leadership plan for yourself to produce your goals in a shorter time, saving you over 23% of your time.
  • Telling Your Story + Building Credibility: If you’ve ever doubted your ability to help people or identify as a thought leader, this subscription will help to reposition the way you perceive yourself and the vital work of which you’re capable in the thought leader space.
  • Why People Will Buy From YOU...Forever: You’ll discover the evolution of Andy's relationship with his students and fans, and how he reached the definitive long-term career stage of the process. Andy shares with you both philosophically and tactically how you can get people to buy from you forever.
  • What You Should (and Shouldn't) Sell: Do you want to figure out how to break down content, but don’t know how? What should you sell and what should you not sell? In this lesson, you will glean incredible insight and direction from Andy experience selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of products to over 23,450 people.
  • Create Blockbuster Curriculum + Courses: How exactly do you go about making module #1 of a course, or chapter 1 of a book, or even the first day of a webinar or live cast? What different facets do you need to think through in order to arrive at your most pertinent content as well as the best order for your students to understand this content? Andy breaks it down in this subscription.
  • Secrets to Help Your Clients Achieve More: Andy will share with you 10 ideas on how to become a higher level trainer. 
  • Leverage My Integrated Model to Sell + Scale: In this lesson, Andy will discuss his Sales Skills that will help you figure out more strategically how you can sell what you have and plan for it, as well as how you can scale that.
  • Social Media Explosion Techniques: In this lesson, Andy will share with you how to get your content out there in more places online and in a way that helps generate a lot more excitement, clicks, conversations and ultimately TRAFFIC back to your pages, offers and your OVO!
  • Five Worst Marketing Mistakes: You’ll learn the 5 reasons why most people will fail to reach greatness in their lives, and why marketing is so critical to sustaining your mission.
  • Staffing Up and Scaling Your Brand: How do you get a team and what does a common team even look like? What are the basic skill sets that you or a team member needs to master in order to have a career like Andy's? All of these questions are answered in this lesson. 
  • Promotional Partner Secrets: Learn how promotional partnerships helped Andy's business really take off, and what you’ll need to do in order to enjoy your own successful promotional partnerships.
  • Creating Lifelong Raving Fans and Clients: How do you create raving fans who want your content and your product? What’s going to make the ultimate difference when it comes to creating lifelong clients? And how do these strategies factor into your mission and your service? Find out in this subscription.

What's it worth to have one of the most successful trainers in history give you the foundation to launch your brand, and to monetize your life's story, advice and passions?

For 5 years, Andy has been innovating and leading the entrepreneur industry.

... over $3,600,000 in Sales...
... Internationally acknowledged author...
... 350,000 video views...
... Years of sold-out seminars...
... A who's-who list of coaching clients and students...
... Over 26 thousand online followers across branded pages...
... Hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and marketing insight...

How does he do it all?

How have his students gained such massive impact and income?

Progression Monthly gives you the framework for understanding his and his students' success. And with this framework, you can get started TODAY.

Let's get you creating and implementing with more strategy, more focus, more impact.

We can't do it all for you, and we cannot guarantee you specific results by law and common sense, since we don't know you. (As always, read the disclaimers at the bottom of this page, and know that any entrepreneurial endeavor is not guaranteed to succeed).

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