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Scaling to Millions

Thursday, August 11, 2022
3PM EST - 4:30PM EST

Run a Multi-Six Figure Marketing System on Facebook and Instagram

Discover HOW to hire Virtual Assistants to run your Marketing


Discover HOW to hire Virtual Assistants to run your Marketing


Dear Fellow Business Owner,

As a business owner who’s been running your business for years

Are you still looking for new ways to increase your business revenue? 

Have you tried another strategy you’ve heard that works, but it’s just not working? 

If you say yes to the questions above, then this webinar is for you!

Because what we have in this webinar is something that will re-introduce you to something that is already familiar,

Yet, present you something that’s more powerful than that you’re used to. 

One that brings you:

  • Solution to your different online marketing challenges
  • Decrease in human error on your systems
  • Scale your business to a whole new level
  • The secret about how to automate your sales processes
  • Automation of you marketing processes
  • And even automating your social media presence 

Lastly and most importantly you get to create expansion revenue for your business. 

Here’s what’s in store for you when you attend this webinar:

  • A specific system and marketing strategy that I have been using for my businesses that has given me a quantum leap. 
  • This system has allowed my business to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
  • A pandemic proof system that will keep your business running like a well oiled money making machine. 

Which is why I created this event where I will reveal the formula to business owners like yourself.

How Does It Work: 

During the training you will learn how to:

  • Get organized with your sales and marketing processes to produce more
  • Create credibility and authority on Social Media with your omnipresence
  • Apply this powerful marketing system that will allow you to show up to your audience using different channels from social media, automated phone calls, sales email sequences and more.
  • Experience the power of this specific software that has also been used by my clients to grow and expand their business

What do I need to prepare?

The event will be hosted on Zoom Video Conference Call, so for tools and equipment, please prepare the following:

  • Download Zoom and make sure to allow access to its video and audio capabilities
  • A computer with internet connection
  • Working Headset and/or microphone
  • Working Webcam
  • Devices so you can take notes

Aside from this, It will be best if you can make sure you reserve the date on your calendar.

You may also draft a list of:

  • Questions you may have regarding marketing and sales automation
  • Your current challenges that you are experiencing with your business
  • Short-Term and Long-term goals that you have for your business

These topics will be discussed during the training so preparing ahead of time will give you more time to think thoroughly about it.

Can I Bring a Guest?

After you register you CAN share the link for registration to as many people as you’d like. This way, they too will be able to participate in the event and read this page to get themselves ready for the training. 

Is there a guarantee?

The system that we have is proven effective. What you will get is the system, coaching, strategy and step by step process on how to make it work for your business, provided you implement our processes. 

The guarantee of succeeding depends on you putting everything that you learned into action. 

If you follow the process, implement the system and use the strategy. 100% guarantee that your business will grow.

Take note: This webinar is for those who have already built a growing business and would like to move the needle to the next level of growth. 

New business owners are still invited to attend but the system I am going to present to you will work best for those who are already at the point of scaling. 


Because it’s understood to get to $100,000, you cannot use the same approach that got you to $10,000 in revenue.

So it’s clear what will get you from Six Figures to Millions will be a different strategy.

Every type of business growth will have a different process depending on which level you’re at, and you have to know and identify it in order to be successful. 

I will explain this in detail during the webinar.

What has been the outcome of those who joined this event in the past?

Those who have been introduced into this system have been able to:

  • Utilize the support of powerful automation tools in their business
  • Learn A MARKETING SYSTEM that’s unlike any other
  • Discover the best ways to get more leads of qualified prospect for optimal sales success
  • Best of all, got additional revenue for their business

Here is an example of someone who decided to join and immediately used this system in their marketing and their business.

One of the attendees had a $2000 Product.

Since starting their business, their closing percentage is 25%, which is not too great. 

(Closing percentage means the percentage of clients who purchased out of the the number of people they spoke to)

After joining the webinar and using the system immediately, from social media, he got 320 Leads in his first 30 days.

From the 320 Leads, at a 25% Closing Percentage, they got 80 New Paying Customers!

80 New Customers x $2000 Product…

That’s $160,000 Revenue for the first month of using the system.

Not bad if you ask me!

How do you get a slot for the webinar?

Simply Register your name, email, and phone and you will receive all the details.

Don’t delay!

Register today before all webinar slots are gone. 

To you business success,

 - Andy