Progress Daily l 3 Key Things To Do In The Morning l Episode 6

Andy discusses 3 Key Things To Do In The Morning and inspiringly explains.


  • 3 Key Things
  • Setting your Goals
  • Pace your Schedule

3 Key Things Your Must Do Every Morning To Make You Successful in Life

Success is a matter of doing the right thing every single time you do so!

This is how my latest podcast started on my Progress Daily Show, where I shared something valuable to me, that will hopefully be valuable to you too!

This is my tried, tested and proven strategy and it’s all really simple. 

It’s the 3 keys that you must do when you wake up, to guarantee your success in life. I call it my GGS System, and here they are:

  • Write in a Gratitude journal.

When you do this, it changes a whole lot of your life’s perspective.

So to break it down for you… Write 10-15 things you were grateful for each day or in the past. 

When you do, you’ll one day look into your list and see how far you’ve come.

  • Set your Goals.

Write it down. 

You can head to the Progression Daily Show if you’d like to see where I placed my goals. 

For some other people they create a vision board. Others simply wrote theirs down. 

However you’d like to keep, and accomplish them, write them down. 

Start with your daily goals. What would you want to accomplish today? Then move to your bigger ones in the future.

Remember to make the small steps count for they make a difference. 

  • Pace your Schedule.

Check your calendar and make use of all the white spaces. 

In my case I use Google calendar which is totally fine. Even my will has access to them. Making sure that I am productive all day. 

Fill those white spaces with something to do, for white spaces are for the Devil. 

Don’t be tempted with being idle. 

This particular podcast topic is created to help others out there who are trudging life in the new year. In the new economy. And for those who’d like to experience a new life in the first place. 

Success isn’t overnight, but it’s the little things that we do that helps us reach our dreams and visions. Our habits make up who we are from the moment we wake up and by the time we retire to bed. 

Hope this tip serves you well today. If you’d like more success and progression tips in life, head on to the Progression Daily Show and start your progress today!