Progress Daily l What To Do With Your First Million l Episode 5


Andy discusses what you can with your first million. He also shares 7 Secret Keys in building a Million Dollar Brand without having to spend a Million dollars.


  • Building a Business
  • Building a Brand
  • 7 Secret Key to Your Road to 1Million
  • Marketing Funnel

What To Do With Your First Million?

Some 1% few in this world have done it. 

Some are still working on it. Others are almost there. There are those who've never even touched even just 10% of the 1 mil. 

Now why is that?

Let me tell you a secret. 

The things I mentioned above are not just about making that amount out of thin air. 

It’s all about building a business and a brand that allows you to push traffic to you. This way, you get known by so many people. You'll be in every Social Media post. Every magazine article. Every email that gets into your audience's inbox gets opened.  People will see you and check you out.

They check you out, not because of what you sell. But simply because it's coming from you. Makes sense? 

And you know the funny thing in this?

Average people think that  in order to make millions, you need to spend as much as that. Here’s an even funnier truth. You achieve making 1 million dollars without even having to shell out a million dollar!

Yes! Let me try it a little bit harder here. In today’s Progression podcast episode. I talked about what you can do with your first million. But before that… I asked the question: 

“How does one make 1 million dollars without having to spend a million dollar?” 

Here are the 7 Secret key to your road to one million: 

  1. Know Like and Trust (KLT Funnel)
  2. Social media 
  3. Value Value Value Offer (aka VVVO strategy)
  4. Build an influencer kit
  5. Create a podcast
  6. Press articles
  7. Marketing Funnel

With all the seven items mentioned above. The bottom line is this: 

“Simply serve more people.” 

Help more people.

Touch more people’s lives.