Progress Daily l Ft. Henry Crockett l Episode 7

Henry Crockett started discussing the process and commitment he went through to succeed. He also shares his past and what he went through to get in the position he’s in, and discusses how to handle multiple businesses.


  • The Drive to Push Through Your Dream
  • Process and Commitment
  • Believing in Yourself
  • Work Ethic

Opportunity: An Interview With Henry Crockett

Many of us have our story to tell. 

Like my friend Henry Crockett who thought I was a cleaning janitor when he first saw me. 

And now he’s in my studio sharing his story. He shares about starting a business and some tips for start ups and aspiring entrepreneurs of our time like you!

Henry also answered some few questions about his life and how he got started in doing business. 

He said that it was his commitment to his mother who’s already passed, that made him decide. 

He tried to be successful in own business to keep that commitment and he aced it every step of the way. He found his own passion for business success doing the things he loves.

What struck me during this interview is that He mentioned about not having a process in place for doing his business. But he can delegate his business process and system, so he hires someone else to do it for him. 

As a business owner, you need to trust in yourself.  

You should also be able to put your trust in others. Otherwise you won’t be able to delegate your work. This is one way to not only stand out from the crowd.  But also you can be able to do the things you need to do in your business instead of getting caught up. 

The most important in our conversation is the fact that Henry has been doing sales. 12 years and learning how to communicate with people. His process is in his ability to sell.  

The secret to making a sale is to make other people think that the ideas you gave him is his. This way it’s easier to sell to them without having to push them to buy your product. 

Lastly, Henry’s most important advice in business is this:

Your belief in yourself. “Having the confidence in who you are allows you the ability to walk into a room and not be afraid of who to speak to,” says Henry. 

Practice a line that you can say to anyone when you introduce yourself, by first doing it to yourself. Try to practice introducing yourself to yourself and be confident about it.