Progress Daily l Seize the Day l Episode 1

Andy discusses his reflections on challenges inlife that help him grow as a person, he talked about areas to make changes. He highlighted  some words that can help in self growth like opportunities, pre-eminent, getting a mentor. He also talked about Areas in life that will change the outcome of what you create.


  • Area to make a change
  • Mental/Mind
  • Heart
  • invest
  • Pre-eminent
  • Get a mentor
  • Growth
  • Challenges in life
  • Same amount of time
  • 5 Areas of Life

The 5 Areas You Really Need to Dominate in Right Now and Why It’s Important

If all of us…

Have 168 hours in a week, 

24 hours in a day, 

And 60 minutes in an hour. 

We all the the same time allotted to us. 

But what is the difference...

Between someone succeeding at life, 

And someone who's not,

With the same amount of time?  

It’s a brand new year and I mean that it’s a brand new year no matter what date of the month it is in a year. 


It’s because change and transformation can happen to anyone anytime. The only thing you will need to do is to deeply desire that change inside of you. Nobody else can do it for you but yourself. 

To go deep on this. Here are the 5 areas of your life that have the power to change the outcome of what you create out of it:

  1. Mental 
  2. Spiritual
  3. Social dynamics
  4. Emotional 
  5. Physical

So how do you begin in reaching your potential? 


Win the first  24. Which is your 24 hours. Then turn it into 1 week to a month to a year. 

Simple, consistent daily actions that will one day make you reach your goal. 

Educate yourself by investing in yourself. Learn the value of hard work. Read books. Apply what you learn in your life and business.