On breaking emotional walls in order to own your story and make progress in your life


On this podcast Andy shares how important it is for you to tell your story in order to inspire and comfort other people. He talks about his experience thriving for success at a very young age in an environment where people were often put down. 

Andy speaks his mind about paying attention to your visions and how being uncomfortable can be a path leading to success, especially when you recognize there is always a next level to your life and your business.

 You will learn: 

  •  About the importance of making clear goals and taking your own vision seriously. 
  • To always surround yourself with people who inspire you  and who already are where you want to be.
  • That really successful people always want to teach what they know, and how to turn that into an opportunity for you to learn.
  • The significance of understanding and owning your story to make progress in life. 

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People want to do business with people


On this podcast, Andy shares his view on the west coast, a great place for
entrepreneurs to start. He shares personal branding strategies and talks about how fundamentally important it is to get out of your comfort zone to be able to start building your business. Andy talks about social media and personal brands, and how to start creating content for your business from your personal accounts.

He also shares strategies on how to become a speaker and speak on stages all over the country to bring clients to your business. He shares strategies on how to become a great speaker and also on recognizing and dealing with the client's objections and turning them in your favor.

You will learn:

  • About personal branding and how it has changed the world of business forever
  • The importance of public speaking for business owners and to take the first steps to become a speaker
  • How to get your first gigs as a speaker
  • The four key factors to create value as a speaker
  • How to start a client list...
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Have Faith for You Have a Purpose


How to know your purpose despite fighting silent battles? Andy tells us about his own experience with bullying. 

In this video, Andy opens up about his condition called Gynecomastia or “man-boobs”. This condition resulted in him being bullied in school. That experience drove him to suicidal thoughts. Having attended a private school where they were taught how to pray to God. Andy prayed and asked God what he was supposed to do given his condition. He told God that he is ready to go. God eventually made him realize that he has a purpose waiting for him to fulfill. 

Andy was able to overcome the insecurities and accepted the problem. He improved his skills and opened his first business and earned his 1st million at 21 years old. 

Andy wants you to have faith in something. He is encouraging you that despite the challenges you will thrive because something great is waiting for you.

You will learn:

  • The importance of having faith
  • How to fight silent...
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Make Money to Change Your Life and the People Around You


How do you properly lead a team to execute? Andy shares with you about how his company is focused on connection and growth.

In this episode you will see Angelo Liloc interview Andy Audate about his leadership skills and how he effectively manages and leads a team. Andy shares that he allows his team members to bring up personal issues in their teams meeting which he says allows his team to be furthermore connected.

Andy shares about how he started the Progression Conference. He shares that the Progression Conference is an opportunity to come and learn how to change your mindset.

Andy shares that the lack of finances hold people incapable. He shares that he started the Progression Conference to show people how to get their bare necessities and prosper.  

You will learn:

  • About building an HR Focused Culture
  • About Leading a Virtual Team
  • How to Operate at a High-High Range
  • How to Change your mindset

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Website: https://andyaudate.com/


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Stand Out and Change Your Environment


How to stand out and get out of the norm? Andy shares how he was able to become a Millennial Motivator and make an impact at 24 years old.

In this interview, Andy talks about his book “No More Average” which he wrote when he was 22 years old. The book encourages Millenials to stand out and experience what it is to be outside their usual environment. Being an accomplished young man, Andy stands out among his generation because of his achievements and skills. Having experienced a challenging childhood, Andy was determined to move out and do whatever it takes to make money and fulfill his goals.

His recent encounter with his grandfather awakened him to a new perspective in life. He realized that the decisions you make today can impact and support other people. 

He encourages everyone to overcome the feeling of being uncomfortable and take the risk to have a better life. 

You will learn:

  • How to stand out with your skills
  • The importance of changing your...
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Pick a Mentor to Influence The Important Areas of Your Life


How to choose a mentor that fits you? Andy tells us how to look for a mentor that you would want to emulate.

In this video, Andy looks back at his beginnings. He narrates how his goal to move out of his hometown made him look for ways to make money in order to achieve this goal. When someone hired him despite his age and lack of experience, it fueled his desire to continue working towards his goal of moving to the other side of the country. His life began to change when he believed that he could have his cell phone store and using the management and leadership training that he had, he was able to pull it off and make it successful earning his 1st million and building his own team. 

All these accomplishments happened because Andy got the right mentor. He acknowledged people who were higher in the ladder than he was and used their insights to improve himself. He was able to grow a successful business by creating a system, and becoming a mentor for others. 


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Use your Story to Inspire Yourself and Motivate Others


How do you use your past pain and failures to come out as a winner? Andy tells us how his previous experiences paved the way to his success.

In this podcast with Mike C-Roc, Andy shares that all his experiences that influenced how he is now started when he was 12 or 13 years old. His learnings during those times prepared him for adulthood. He gathered all the good things he received, the love from his family, his strength from God as well as the pain and challenges to enable him to handle the future challenges to come.

Living in Rhode island, Andy was seeking for progress. He used his skills, like being a keen observer as a drive to supply that hunger for growth. 

Andy encourages you to change your mindset for the better. Do not get too comfortable and keep on improving and doing your job.

You will learn:

  • That both positive and negative experiences can be used for success.
  • The importance of having a mentor
  • That pursuit of growth should be continuous
  • Importance of a...
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Be Inspired with Andy Audate


What’s stopping you from becoming successful? In this video, Lance asked Andy about his experiences, hardships in life, and what he did to make his first million at 21 years old. 

Andy shares his hardships, strategies, how he went from being broke to becoming successful, how he lost his focus after making his first million at a young age, and how he became an expert in the Marketing field and a prominent speaker. 

You will learn:

  • Who is Andy
  • Importance of Mentorship
  • Marketing for Small Businesses 

Follow Andy Audate on:

Website: https://andyaudate.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andyaudate/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andyaudate/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndyAudate

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andyaudate/


Andy Audate

I want to change lives. I want to show people how to progress and their money. I want to show people how to progress their mindset. I want to show people how to progress in their brand so that...

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Power Through Your Pain and Progress


How to be able to handle pain and challenges and rise up? Andy narrates his own share of pain and challenges and how they turned him successful.

In this video, Andy shares about his childhood where his ideas of being successful started. Andy did not experience an ordinary childhood. He grew up having a mindset that in order to get what you want you will have to go through pain. Andy gives advice to millennials who are in a dark place right now and facing challenges in their respective lives. 

Andy talked about how someone who believed in him motivated him to take the leap and start his own store. He overcame fear and anxiety and was able to generate his 1st million at 21.

Andy teaches that investing in yourself and showing up leads to opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of having a vision, a goal to aim for in order to be successful.

 You will learn: 

  • How to deal with pain and challenges
  • Importance of having a vision
  • How to make your vision a reality...
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Make Your Experiences in the Past Work to Achieve Your Success


How to use your personal, work experiences and challenges to work towards your success? Watch as Andy and Jerry share their work experiences and challenges and how they use them to build their businesses.

In this video, Andy tells us how he was able to earn his first million at a young age. Andy emphasizes how important it is to learn from your failures more than your successes, getting as much learning as you can in every job you take. From working at a cellphone company, fast-food chain, and retail store, Andy narrates how he used every knowledge gained in those experiences to continue producing results in every company he’s been in. He enumerates how all strategies he learned came in handy for building his own company. 

Jerry also shares how similar his experiences are with how Andy started. Jerry and Andy narrated memorable experiences when they started their own business. They exchanged practices on how they deal with their employees and integrate automation...

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