Creating Solution to Health Adversity


On this podcast video, Andy is in collaboration with Phyllis Weaver, a real estate investor, pharmacist and a health coach. She talks about ways to prevent having long term health issues and how to overcome health adversity. Because of that, she got an inspiration to start coaching and helps other people change their perspective on maintaining a healthy way of living which plays a large impact on premature death. 

This podcast aims to awaken people to start changing habits and invest more on their health through eating nutritious foods, allocating time for exercising and avoiding stress. Healthy habits make a big difference.  

You will learn: 

  • To understand the intangible benefits of having a healthy body
  • How health creates a career path 
  • The Situational strategies to start become healthier

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How to Find Your Why and Knowing What You Want


How to arrive at a vision? Andy asks Hannah about her experiences starting up.

In this video, Hannah shares Andy's days when she was starting to figure out what she wants. She narrated how she started having visions and what she experienced as she dives into those jobs to figure out if it's right for her. Because of these experiences, she discovered the importance of knowing what you want and from there building your vision. Successful people are her inspiration and model as she starts to build her own company. Having a mentor is also one of the reasons for her successes as she consults and asks advice from people who are more advanced in the race than her. 

Now, she was able to build her own business and handles more than 300 employees. Her vision is to help more people be successful by mentoring them and helping them realize their whys.

You will learn:

  • How to be successful
  • About finding your why
  • How to come up with your vision
  • About the mindset in order to be...
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Leads are Currencies and a Vital Thing in a Business


What do you need to get you to the next level? Connor shared his thoughts about leads being a currency. 

In this video, Connor breaks down how he runs his business, how he properly uses his leads to make a huge profit, how to fully utilize your podcast video to market yourself to different social media sites, and how he loves marketing. He also came up with a marketing plan in a short amount of time to Andy on how he can market himself through podcasts. Connor also shares his plan to be one of top 5 Leadership Experts in Canada to Millenials and he ain’t joking!. Mark Connor’s words as he is about to conquer the U.S. carrying the Candadian flag on his back and be on the same level as Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk!. 

You Will Learn: 

  • Who is Connor Larocque?
  • What are leads?
  • How to make use of those leads of yours to market yourself and make profit. 
  • How to put your podcast in a good use.
  • How to be seen everywhere.
  • Choose your niche.


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Right to Security and Protection


On this Podcast, Andy had an interaction with Carmel Foster who’s launching her own book, the content and who will benefit it. He then understands how domestic workers fight for their rights and benefits. He discovers the challenges and trials they’ve been that pushes Carmel to write a book and start a business that aims to inform domestic helpers to be self sufficient and to have a long term client equals job security.

Andy and Carmel also talk about how domestic helpers are exploited and abused in their jobs and because of that Carmel urges to have a bill passed for their security and protection.

You will learn: 

  •   About keeping your rights and building self sufficiency in your line of job
  • How to be positive and strong despite the Odds
  • How personal experience create value to a business
  • The importance of mentorship

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How to Create a brand that works for you


In this episode of The Progression Show Andy Audate interviews one of the speakers for The Progression Conference National Tour, Suzy Prudden. She is the CEO of Itty Bitty™ Publishing and she is going to give you a wealth of knowledge on how to publish your book. 

Suzy talks about her story before Itty Bitty™ Publishing, how she opened her first company in 1965 as a fitness expert and the challenges she’d had to face. “Every challenge turned out to be the best thing afterwards” says Suzzy as she narrates how 8 months after being interviewed from The Oprah Winfrey Show she was homeless. When faced with a challenge, you need to look at the positive side of the situation and ask the right questions that will keep you moving forward.

Suzy Prudden is a believer of magic and she indulges herself with positive thoughts saying “whatever you focus on is what you create”. She urges you to write because there’s an audience that...

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Growing Your Personal Brand and Keeping Up With the Trend


How to build your personal brand and monetize? Sean shares Andy how he was able to put up a multi-million company at a young age.

In this video, Sean, the owner of Jersey Champs, narrates how he was able to come up with a business idea at a young age. He shared the steps he took to make that idea come to life which led him to earn revenue. Sean emphasized the importance of having a personal brand and using it to come up with a business and monetize your ideas. He identified the importance of staying updated with trends to be on top of the latest in his industry. Social Media Marketing is also one of the lifelines of their businesses which they utilize to reach out to customers.

Sean gives importance to learning as much as he can about his business and industry. From an idea conceptualized at a dorm room, Sean now is one of the most phenomenal millennials turned business owners at a young age.  

You will learn:

  • About Personal Brand
  • How to build your personal brand...
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How to Make effective strategies through building your brand


In this episode of The Progression Show Andy Audate interviews one of his partners in The Progression Conference National Tour James Aquila, CEO of Aquila Financial. He is one of the fastest growing tax strategists in America. He tells us how he got to his pedestal and the lessons he acquired along the way. 

Andy recalls their first encounter in a smoothie bar and how they became from strangers to partners. Aquila shared how he invited Andy to meet his team and how inspired he was telling 

people that “when you are hungry, motivated and you have passion you can achieve what you want”. He shared what Aquila financial is about and the culture of family that they have. Freedom of time and financial support to be able to travel is what his tax business allowed him to do.

Finally, he shares how exposure and personal branding has made people do business with him and emphasizes that having the right culture in his business sets him apart from others.

You will...

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How to Identify your purpose and walk your way to success


In this episode of The Progression Show Andy Audate interviews Lotus Riche’ of Lotus Riche’ Ignites Coaching who just attended The Brand Marketing Summit in Los Angeles. Lotus talks about her life before being a successful Coach and Speaker. How she was able to embrace her full potential and build her brand in the United States. 

Lotus shares about the trauma she experienced when a couple of her co-workers who were her friends died due to suicide and how she experienced her dark days in Japan that lead her to walk her life’s purpose and empower people. It was then that she could identify herself  with them from the experience.

It took her story to become other people’s inspiration. From being told that you are in the dead-end and that you’re never gonna walk again to someone who’s now running because of her empowerment.

Finally Lotus talks about what she does for people in her business “Lotus Riche’ Ignites...

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The impact of building your own Personal Brand


In this episode of The Progression Show Andy Audate interviews Karlton Dennis who manages one of the fastest running Accountant offices in Southern California. Karlton talks about his experience from the Brand Marketing Summit. How his overall experience has been so full of energy and not just boring facts. He talks about the importance of showing up to events and how you can take advantage by getting the best strategies that you can leverage. 

Andy shares in this podcast that when you show up physically and  when you show up powerfully, you are bound to receive an opportunity and that was what Karlton did. Karlton shared how he transitioned from being a sales person to being a tax accountant and created his own process that has given him financial freedom.His athletic mindset has contributed greatly in his business, grinding harder than the rest

Finally, Karlton shared how 70% of his business comes from making most of social media & marketing. Emphasizing...

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Step Up Your Marketing Game with Jerry Fletcher


In this video, you will learn who Jerry Fletcher is. 30 years ago, Jerry was CEO of the largest business advertising company in Portland, Oregon, and transitioned to his own business called ‘Digimar’ which all started in a garage. As years went by, he became a CEO of Advertising Company again and got fired because he put the company to employee stock option purchase which the Board of Directors didn’t like but this act made him memorable and respected by employees. Today, Jerry is working with high end Executive Consultants kind of folks like the ones working under Management, Leadership, Negotiators, CPA’s, etc.. Jerry’s role is to support them to be in the 6 figure arena. He also shared how you can step up your marketing game by following this in order -- Memorable/Unforgettable/Legendary. Now, Jerry plans to conquer the speaking business world with Andy Audate at Progression Conference Tour. 

“Make your plan today to get your...

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